Description of the box material of the constant temperature

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Description of the box material of the constant temperature

Notapor kevin-blant » 29 Jun 2022, 07:42

The material of the constant temperature test chamber:
1. The inner tank is imported high-quality mirror stainless steel plate (SUS#304).
2. The shells are all made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate CNC machine tools, and the surface of the shell is sprayed to make it more smooth and beautiful.
3. The thermal insulation material is made of high-density glass fiber cotton, and the thickness of the thermal insulation cotton is 100mm.
4. The observation window is made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass, with built-in lighting, and the inner side of the conductive film is heated and defrosted to clearly observe the test process.
5. Double-layer high-temperature and high-swelling sealing strips are used between the box door and the box to ensure the airtightness of the test area.
6. The bottom of the machine adopts high-quality fixed universal movable wheel, which is convenient to move.
7. The left side of the box is equipped with a Φ50mm or Φ100mm cable test hole, which can be used for external test power lines or signal lines.
8. Adopt imported platinum PT100 temperature sensor.
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Re: Description of the box material of the constant temperat

Notapor qinsunlab » 29 Jun 2022, 07:44

The constant temperature test chamber is used for the reliable performance of various materials for high and low temperature constant and gradual change, burst, heat resistance, cold resistance, drying resistance and other environmental simulations. It is suitable for all kinds of electronic appliances, plastics, aerospace, semiconductor lighting, optoelectronic communications, auto parts, wire and cable, metal hardware, chemical coatings, building materials and other industries quality inspection and research and development of new projects.

working principle:

The test chamber is composed of two parts: temperature regulation (heating, cooling) and humidification. Through the rotating fan installed on the top of the box, the air is discharged into the box to realize gas circulation and balance the temperature and humidity in the box. The data collected by the built-in temperature and humidity sensor in the box is transmitted to the temperature and humidity controller (micro Information processor) to edit and process, and issue temperature and humidity control instructions, which are completed by the air heating unit, the condensation pipe and the heating and evaporation unit in the water tank.

Accelerated Weathering Testing Manufacturer:
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