YG526S Friction Method Fabric Hair Loss Tester

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YG526S Friction Method Fabric Hair Loss Tester

Notapor qinsunlab » 12 Jul 2022, 08:12

YG526S rubbing method fabric lint tester is suitable for the test of lint degree by dry and wet rubbing method for nap style textile products such as sanding, light raising, raising, cutting pile, velveteen, loop and so on.

Instrument features:
1. The industrial-grade color touch screen is used for display and operation control. The friendly man-machine interface is simple and easy to use, and the operation is stable and reliable. Chinese and English display can be selected independently.
2. The linear slide table is used, which has the characteristics of low noise and fast moving speed. There are 6 reciprocating speeds to choose from.
3. The left and right grippers adopt the pneumatic gripping method, which improves the test efficiency and reduces the operation intensity.
4. It has a pre-tensioning device, which can make the sample maintain a certain tension during clamping.
5. The main components are made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated with plastic spraying and sandblasting oxidation. The rolls of the liquid rolling device are made of 304 stainless steel and acid and alkali resistant rubber.

technical parameter:
●Color touch screen: 5 inches
●Reciprocating stroke: (200±2)mm.
●Reciprocating speed: The standard recommended value is 30 times/min, and the speed of (10, 20, 40, 50, 60) times/min can be selected.
●Friction times: The standard recommended value is 10 times, which can be selected in the range of 1-999 times.
●Friction head fixing ring: outer diameter φ(120±0.5)mm, inner diameter φ(90±0.5)mm.
●Total effective mass of friction load: (595±7)g. (sum of mass of specimen grip assembly and load block)
●Dimensions: W694×D540×H440mm
●Power supply: AC220V±10%; 100W
●Weight: 45 kg

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