Where can I sell broken gadgets?

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Where can I sell broken gadgets?

Notapor Ferdinand » 04 Oct 2021, 04:51

Hi guys, I have some broken gadgets I really need to get rid of. I have no idea where to sell them. I have 2 broken PSPs, an original and a slim, 2 (working, cosmetically damaged) Nintendo DSs, a lite and an original, and 2 broken laptops. I need a bit of money and can't afford shipping to do this via eBay, so is there anywhere around Leeds? Maybe around ls8/9 or the centre?
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Registrado: 04 Sep 2021, 21:22

Re: Where can I sell broken gadgets?

Notapor Asanvel » 04 Oct 2021, 05:47

All stores that sell electronics (ie Elgiganten, Clas Olsson and so on) have to accept getting old smaller electronic stuff for recycling. So next time you need to get rid of a phone, tablet or hairdryer they will have to accept it
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Re: Where can I sell broken gadgets?

Notapor JimmyN » 04 Oct 2021, 05:47

When compiling advertisements for the sale of a used laptop, first of all, you must be guided by moral principles, you should not overestimate the quality of the device, which you are not sure of, do not know but write the truth. But for example, I didn't want to do this and just sold my gadget https://gadgetpickup.com/ without any problems. And by the way, at a good price
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